Still Searching for The Perfect Ocean Gift This Christmas?

Last minute pressie ideas for the ocean lover in your life!


Project Biodiversity: Saving Sea Turtles

Whilst on my travels around Sal, Cabo Verde around a month ago, I had an incredible opportunity to participate in one of the sea turtle nesting walks operate by a local non-profit association – Project Biodiversity. Prior to this experience I happened to see a pair of mating loggerheads – much like the photography above – whilst on a diving trip, wetting my appetite for seeing these majestic animals up-close in one of natures greatest events.

Cabo Verde: Beyond the Beach

As I write this I am less than 24 hours away from embarking on my trip to Cabo Verde. Despite it being a family holiday, whilst I am there I hope to achieve my PADI Open Water qualification as well as participating in conservation at a local level. As with most places I travel to,…… Continue reading Cabo Verde: Beyond the Beach

The Rarest Marine Mammal in the World

On Friday the 19th May, as it was Endangered Species Day, copious amounts of information regarding the importance of safeguarding populations of the world’s endangered species could be found all over social media. As usual, the most notable species featured were the elephants, tigers and rhino species of the world. Without disregarding their importance –…… Continue reading The Rarest Marine Mammal in the World